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What You Need to Know

How We Operate to Help You Make Money Online

What we do is introduce subscribers to a wide range of legitimate websites. These are web based platforms where you can perform tasks online, such as providing your views on stuff by filling out survey questionnaires, playing games, watching videos, and much more, earning money while you do it.


Our website is free to subscribers, as are all the sites featured here. We do not recommend sites that charge subscription fees, as these may be scams.  


The websites, we recommend are suitable for people wishing to make money online with little or no prior experience.  The sites are a great way to get started online to supplement your income or earn a full time living working from the comfort of your home and enhance your lifestyle with no financial risk.


You should know that most of the featured  sites operate worldwide but there are local variations in scope and service offers by individual sites of the same operator.


For this reason, we don’t rank our selected websites. As these sites are all free to sign up, we recommend you join them all. In this way you can then see for yourself which ones are best suited to your location and circumstances.

However, to help shortlist or prioritise your choices, we provide a summary of the key features and benefits of each  website in our Blog Posts and, also, our Top 10  Recommendations are presented in the next section.


We also provide helpful tips to get started online and answer some key questions you're likely to ask yourself getting started  in the work from home  niche, such as:

business school/money saving forum

Finally, if you ever need to add comment or clarify any matter, please do so in our money saving Forum or, if privacy is a factor, contact me via our email Help facility.  You can find a link to Help on the Footer below.


Here’s to your success online, I trust you will enjoy your experience on our website and that you appreciate our selection of legitimate, best earning Free websites.

Alex Stewart

business school/money saving forum

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