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Best Sites For Beginners To Make Money/business school

What Are The Best Paid Survey Sites?

When you're looking for the best sites to make money online, it's likely that you'll come across quite a few options for paid surveys. It's key to find the best survey sites to maximise the amount of money you get for your time. However, when working alone to locate the best sites to earn money, it's tough to sort through the noise of those making false promises.


At One Click Solutions silverfox Business school,  we do the heavy lifting to figure out which sites are best. You can see our Top 10 Recommended Sites For Beginners to make money online by clicking on the link.  These websites include three paid survey sites, a messenger app, and a portal for freelancers:

  • Surveytime, which allows participants to earn $1 per survey.

  • PrizeRebel, which allows you to to earn rewards that you can redeem for either cash or gift cards.

  • PaidViewpoint, a popular option as it removes the frustration of doing paid surveys online.

  • WowApp, a messenger app where you get paid a little to do many things you regularly do and, importantly, a site where you can gain practise in building your networking skills.

  • Clickworker, a site where clients can access a virtual workforce of freelancers to perform tasks.

As you search for the best paying GPT sites, it's important to do thorough research. Notwithstanding, these five sites are great to get started and, if you need help, our community is here to steer you along the way.


This is the thing, you can let our trusted community do the initial search and sifting for you. When you subscribe to join our community at One Click Solutions Silverfox Business School, you'll be able to interact with people in  Our Money Saving Forum who know what to look out for when finding legitimate ways and the best GPT sites to earn money online.

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