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We're asked this question a lot... "Is it really possible to earn a full time income from free Get Paid To (GPT) websites working from home on the Internet?"

The answer is yes, as the subtitle to the feature article suggests, as long as you select legitimate GPT sites to work with and despite the general rule that the income you can get from trading time for money is limited by time. Although everyone's time is limited by the time available in any one day, and this is common to all forms of work, there are two particular things pertinent to the answer that we'll go through here in turn.

The first is that the range of GPT sides is wide and a broad spectrum of activities are covered from paid surveys sites, such as SurveyTime and PaidViewpoint on the one hand, to GPT freelance platforms, such as Fiverr and Clickworker, on the other.


It should be clear, therefore, that providing you have the necessary skills in demand on the latter platforms, it is possible to work from home full time on the Internet as a freelance contractor and generate commensurate income for your efforts.

The other factor is that many GPT sites operate Referral Programs. These programs are a form of affiliate marketing where the website pays commissions to its members for introducing new clients and subscribers to its business.  It's therefore possible for members to leverage their own time by recruiting others to benefit from passive income.   

Although building your downline is a more advanced feature of working on GPT websites, it is  one that you ought to become familiar with in the medium to long term.  This requires the need to develop networking and leadership skills, which we'll cover in Blog Posts and are open to discuss in the Forum at any time

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