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Updated: Feb 4

I’m Alex Stewart, the founder and webmaster of Silverfox Make Money Online. It’s my great pleasure to welcome you to our website, which is helping people around the globe make money online. We do this by evaluating a range of "Get Paid To" websites to confirm if they are legitimate and worthy to subscribe.

Our key aim is to ensure our subscribers do not get scammed online. We do this by providing recommendations for Paying, or Reward sites, where people who seek to earn money online can sign up on the programs for free without having to put their savings at risk starting online. In summary, we introduce subscribers to a wide range of legitimate Get Paid To (GPT) websites. These are web-based platforms where you can earn money by performing tasks online, giving your views on stuff by filling out survey questionnaires, playing games, watching videos, and much more, while paying nothing for the privilege. Our website is free to subscribers and we never recommend GPT sites that charge subscription fees, as these may be scams. GPT websites, or Paying Sites as we call them, are suitable for people wishing to make money online with little or no prior experience. These sites are a simple way to get started online and will supplement your income, without risk to your savings. Also, most of the featured GPT sites operate worldwide but be aware there are local variations in scope and service offers from other sites of the same operator across the globe. We don’t therefore rank our selected websites. As these sites are all free to sign up, we recommend you join them all. In this way you can then see for yourself which ones are best suited to your location and circumstances. However, to help you shortlist or prioritise your choices, we provide a summary of the key features and benefits of each GPT website in our Blog posts. If you ever need to add comment or clarify any matter, please add your comment below or raise a question in the Forum. If privacy is a factor, contact me via our email Help facility and I’ll reply to you. You can find a Help link on the Footer of each page. Finally, all our recommended sites provide instructional videos on their platforms, we do not include these here as a general rule but we have a collection of videos in our YouTube channel, Here’s to your success online. I trust you will enjoy the experience on our website and please visit our YouTube Channel to view the videos. Please also enjoy our introductory video by Ms Alona Marquez, which is provided below.

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