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The Top 10 Ways to Monetise Your Website

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

The notion of sponsorships, ads, and affiliate marketing is often thought of as something only afforded to high-flying influencers, but we’ll let you in on a secret – you don’t have to have legions of followers, traffic that can compete with social media giants, and the designer wardrobe of dreams to secure an eye-popping income online. The allure of going online is the beyond-borders appeal, opening you up to the brands across the world who are seeking websites just like yours to collaborate with. The good news? We’re here to show you how.


You don’t have to be an industry powerhouse to benefit from ads! Companies globally – from small-but-mighty brands to the likes of eBay – are looking for online homes for their ads, targeting the audiences most in line with their product or service. With a ready-made audience of like-minded individuals on your website, you can command pay on a ‘cost per click’ or ‘cost per impression’ basis. Usually in the form of the banner’s that our eyes have been conditioned to gloss over, adverts can be set up easily through a range of platforms, from Taboola to Google Adsense. If you think your audience is particularly valuable, directly pitching to relevant companies may help you secure a higher rate. Kerching!

GET SPONSORED A similar concept to adverts, albeit with a substantial budget, sponsored posts are undoubtedly a money-maker for websites of all sizes, but many of us assume they’re only presented to trendsetting bloggers. The terms of the agreement will differ between brands, however, you can generally expect to be compensated for writing a post relevant to their product (although paid giveaways are an up-and-coming option!), allowing the revenue to fly in whilst giving back to your audience. From connecting with brands directly to using a network to place yourself where the sponsors are, it has never been easier to snap up those deep-pocketed sponsorships. A quick google search will bring up pricing calculators, helping you determine a strong rate!



Now, it’s no secret that ‘affiliate marketing’ is the buzzword rolling off the tongues of marketing executives everywhere, but as one of the leading options for making money purely through an online presence, it’s only right to give a nod to the technique we all know and love. As an affiliate marketer, you will receive a small commission from each reader who clicks your affiliate link and places an order. Joining a niche-specific affiliate scheme, such as RewardStyle and Shopstyle Collective for the fashion-forward, allows you to earn while showing your audience your latest finds. From blogs to embedded YouTube videos, the more exposure your link gets, the more commission you will receive. Get sharing!


From the bag that’s got your audience talking to a must-have beach read, monetising the links you use within your content can be a seamless way to gain extra income. While the commission is unlikely to cover the cost of your next getaway at $3 per 1,000 clicks, using short links alongside other streams of income can add up to a substantial amount. From to, there is a multitude of URL shortening platforms, all with varying terms and pay rates.

A key way to influence organic clicks is framing your content around the links you use. For example, if you’re a jet-setting travel blogger, linking to the items mentioned in a ‘My Top Travel Tips’ post will add value to your readers without arousing suspicion.


It’s time to get creative! From physical to digital products, the opportunities for selling online are endless, allowing you to truly reap what you have sown. If you’re something of a snap-happy photographer, curating an information-heavy eBook or course will allow you to pass on your expertise to newbies for a profit. If you run a wedding blog with legions of brides-to-be in your readership, downloadable kids wedding activity packs will allow your revenue to soar. Ultimately, knowing your audience is the key to success, ensuring you’re not sacrificing your authenticity by creating products that you know your readership will love.

Paid membership


Championed by big-name publications, namely The Independent and The New York Times, introducing a paywall to your most valuable content can act as a healthy source of revenue while adding an extra layer of exclusivity to your website. A controversial move given the free nature of life online, if your website has secured its status as an authority, loyal readers will undoubtedly pay the small sum. Whether you opt for a gate in front of invaluable, well-researched articles, or a monthly amount to gain access to all premium content, you may feel inclined to continually produce higher-quality content.


We didn’t say our tips would be easy! Admittedly, this route is unlikely to work for run-of-the-mill, hobbyist websites, but if you offer something with real value – think expert-led discussions, notable speakers or advice that is going to aid a substantial ROI – you may have just stumbled across your largest money-maker. Take a dropshipping coaching business, for example. For the price of a beer, your audience can tap into your knowledge base, brimming with resources, discussion boards, 1-to-1 guidance, and an invaluable network of suppliers, giving them the toolkit to thrive.


If you’re something of an authority figure within your niche, related businesses could benefit from your audience. Giving exposure to businesses that would otherwise have to spend a pretty penny on advertising, an in-built business directory page is an attractive marketing option for businesses on a budget. Whether you choose to accept payment on a rolling basis or a one-off fee, businesses will pay you to list their details on your website, allowing them to tap into a bustling audience where they’re not battling with high-rolling powerhouses such as Amazon. It’s no longer enough to just think outside the box; going against the grain is key to using the world of online to your advantage!

DONATIONS We understand that accepting donations isn’t for everyone – and that’s okay! Ultimately, we don’t think that your time, expertise, and entertainment should come free of charge, which is where Buy Me a Coffee (among others) comes in. There’s no pressure for fans to cough up, but if they’d like to send a ‘thank you’, sending a few pounds your way will quickly add up.

Website Donations


Lead generation looks a little different to everybody, but it comes down to leading potential buyers to the business’ door – from there, it’s down to them to secure the sale. A growth opportunity, websites play the role of cupid, bringing two entities together, before leaving it to them to let the magic happen. You can expect to make an agreement with brands, allowing you to get a small commission every time a lead attributes their referral to your website.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post the top 10 ways to monetise your website if you need to clarify anything feel free to reach out.


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