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The Quora Partnership Program: Get Paid to Ask Questions Online

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Imagine if all you had to do to make money was ask questions. Lots and lots of high-quality questions. Making money online can be that simple if you are invited to join the Quora Partnership Program.

Whether you are interested in joining the Quora Partnership Program or have recently received an invitation, you probably want to know more about what it is, how it works, and how much you could potentially earn.

Let's start out by discussing the basics.

What is the Quora Partnership Program?

Quora-partnership- program

The Quora Partnership Program is designed to incentivize the creation of useful content on the site.

If you are part of the program, you have the opportunity to earn money by asking questions on the platform.

Quora makes money the same way that most other websites do, by displaying relevant ads with content. Popular questions which generate lots of views and high-quality answers are profitable for the site.

So, to compel users to create these profitable questions and answers, Quora pays participants in its Partnership Program to ask valuable questions.Quora has no way of knowing whether a question is valuable or not until it has had time to perform.

Instead of paying out a flat rate per question, Quora pays you based on "user engagement and advertising revenue they [the questions] generate."

You can earn income on a question for up to a year after it’s been posted!

The minimum payment threshold is $10. Users in the USA can only withdraw using Stripe. Users in other countries can only withdraw using PayPal.

Payments go out on the first Monday of every month.

How Much Can You Earn Through the Quora Partnership Program?


The amount of money you can make through the Quora Partnership Program depends entirely upon how your questions perform. But to give you an idea, here are some earnings statistics which I see as of the time of this writing when I check the "Partners" page in my Quora account:

  • The average value of questions asked as of one year ago is $0.07.

Here is what the top-earning partners are making:

  1. $3,007.52 this week ($3,026.13 this last month)

  2. $933.68 this week ($2,698.93 this last month)

  3. $484.55 this week ($1,012.82 this last month)

  4. $442.18 this week ($1,883.64 this last month)

  5. $433.32 this week ($1,690.05 this last month)

So, if you're a top performer, it is possible that you could make hundreds or even thousands of dollars per week. But the vast majority of questions do not individually earn a lot of money.

Nevertheless, once you get into a rhythm, you may be surprised by just how many questions you find yourself asking over the course of a day on a continuous basis. So, even if the majority of your questions do not earn a lot individually, they might add up in a significant way. Imagine for example that over the course of a year, you asked 2,000 questions, and that each of them earned $0.07.

That would still add up to $140. While that is not a huge amount of money, it might, for instance, offset the cost of one of your streaming services each month.

If you already enjoy using Quora, you should find it pretty natural to turn asking regular questions into a habit.And again, some of your questions could really take off—in which case you could potentially earn a lot more money than $140 a year.

Who Gets to Participate in the Quora Partnership Program?

As of the time of this writing, there is no way to apply to participate in the Quora Partnership Program. The program is invitation-only.

You will read a lot of theories about how Quora decides whom to invite. Some people think that it is based on the quality or subject matter of the questions you ask or the answers you provide. Others think it might have something to do with your credentials, your location, your grammar, or any other number of factors.

There are even people who claim that they can tell you how to get into the program.

But the truth is that nobody has a clue how Quora selects participants for its Partnership Program.There are people who have posted almost no questions or answers who receive an invitation.Meanwhile, there are very successful, popular members who may never receive an invite.

So, if you have received an invite into the Quora Partnership Program, count yourself lucky. You are among the elite, and you have an online money-making opportunity a lot of people will never get to pursue.

How to Earn Money Through the Quora Partnership Program

It really could not be simpler to start earning once you are invited to become a Quora Partner.

1. Log into your Quora account.

2. Click on the red "Add Question" button in the upper right-hand corner.

3. Type in your question as you usually would and click "Add Question." Make sure the question you are asking is unique and will not get merged into an existing question.

Once your question is live, it can start earning money!

Tips for Earning More Through the Quora Partnership Program

Why do some questions take off while others don't? While there are factors you cannot control, you do not have to take an entirely passive role.

Below are a couple tips for how you can potentially increase your Quora Partner earnings.

1. Ask useful questions.

There are many different factors which can impact the performance of a question on Quora. But the reality is that some questions are simply more likely than others to drive engagement and stack up views.

Consider asking questions about topics which are trending, as these may garner a lot of short-term engagement.Conversely, evergreen questions may also pay well over a lengthier time period. Questions which touch on extreme or controversial topics may also get a lot of engagement.

It is very important to note that you cannot ask questions anonymously and be paid for them. You must always post your questions under your username.

2. Request answers from relevant members who can provide quality content.

After you ask a question, you do not need to wait around for people to notice it.

To increase views and engagement on your questions, you can request answers from members who have expertise relevant to your questions and/or regularly provide quality answers on those topics. People who follow those users will see that they have answered your question. Hopefully, some of them will also be interested in engaging with the conversation.

Don't forget that you can also promote your Quora questions on your website or in other communities.

Let's Team Up!

Quora Partnership

I have been invited to Quora’s partnership program and I am looking for hardworking individuals that want to team up with me. It’s not easy work but motivated individuals can make decent money.

I am looking for individuals that are ready to research, and also follow up on the questions they post. Ideal candidates will go above and beyond by posting their questions on other forums as well as social media platforms.

If you are ready to make money together on Quora, let's talk! Contact me by clicking here.

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