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Make Money While Surfing the Web With

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Every day, you view advertising banners online, likely even if you have an adblocker running.

Wouldn't it be great if there were a way you could make money just for viewing those banners?

Imagine just doing what you already are—surfing the web—and earning extra income just for doing it.

That is exactly what is possible when you sign up for


What is is an innovative and highly rated browser extension you can add to Chrome. You can use it to make money while you surf.

Not on Chrome? You can also use on Firefox, Opera, Yandex, and others. So, whatever browser you have and whatever device you are on, you can make money with

Once you install, you can receive PUSH notifications of tasks that are available. What kinds of tasks? We'll get into that in just a moment.

You can switch the extension on and off as you like.

So, when you are ready to work, you can receive the notifications. But if you want to focus on something else without interruptions, you can switch them off.

There Are Four Easy Ways to Make Money With

1. View advertising banners

2. Visit advertiser's websites

3. Watch pay-per-view videos

4. Earn affiliate income

Let's learn about each of these different types of tasks in detail!

1. View advertising banners

The easiest way to make money on the platform is simply to browse the web and view advertising banners.

With the extension installed, this is an entirely passive way to earn income.

As you browse, you will notice small advertising banners showing up at the bottoms of websites.

You do not need to navigate to particular sites to view them; the extension will overlay them automatically wherever you happen to be on the web.

Each time such a banner is displayed, you earn some money. How much? As much as 60% of the price which the advertiser paid for the banner to display.

Pretty cool, right? And if you don't want to look at any banner ads, you can always just switch off the extension until you feel like earning some more passive income.

What is also neat about is that you do not need to switch off your ad blocking service in order to make use of this extension.

It can work around your existing adblocker. So, you can continue to block ads you do not want to view on websites while making money from viewing banners.

2. Visit advertiser's websites

While the passive banner ad task above is super easy (effortless, actually), you might want to earn more per task. If so, you will want to check out the other three ways you can make money using online.

Just as advertisers pay for views of banner ads, they also pay for clicks through to their websites.

If you are willing to spend some time visiting advertiser websites, states that you can earn 10-20 times what you do viewing banner ads.

3. Watch pay-per-view videos.

Another way you can earn 10-20 times more is by watching videos. This requires only a tiny amount of effort and a small time investment.

4. Earn affiliate income

The fourth way you can earn money with is through the extension's affiliate program. is always looking to expand its user base. If you are able to help with that, the site will express its gratitude to you with cold, hard cash!

The way it works is simple. You invite your friends to sign up for Once they do so, they start earning income.

When they go to make a withdrawal, you receive 5-10% of the withdrawal amount as a payment.

What is fantastic about this is that it is yet another way you can earn passive income. has so many ways to earn income!

In fact, even if you have the extension switched off so that you are not viewing banner advertisements, you could still be earning money if your friends are active on the platform.

How Much Can You Earn With

Using is a bit like joining a survey site. The tasks are basically "micro" tasks. Many of them take seconds to perform. So, you earn a small amount of money for each.

You can make a withdrawal once you accumulate as little as $0.03.

As of the time of this writing, there are a little more than 474,000 users registered on the site.

Cumulatively, users have been paid over $75,380.

Yes, that makes the average payment pretty low. But think about the average web user, who takes a brief interest in something, then cuts and runs.

Those users comprise a significant proportion of registered members. So, once you account for them, you realize that the dedicated users are earning a lot more!

And hey—extra cash is extra cash. Use it to buy yourself a nice little reward.

Advertisers – You Can Make Money Through Also!

We have aimed this overview mostly at users who are interested in earning income by completing tasks online through

But if you are a business owner, you can also make money through by becoming an advertiser.

There are hundreds of thousands of users on who are eager to view your ads and videos and visit your website.

By purchasing advertisements on the platform, you can broaden your reach to the extension's user base, creating brand awareness and increasing revenue.

Pros and Cons

Now that you know how works, let's go over the advantages and disadvantages of this browser extension.


Pros of

  • Earn income anywhere, anytime. Wherever you have access to the internet and control over your browser settings, you can make money with It is a flexible way to add to your income that fits with your lifestyle.

  • The withdrawal threshold is low. On, the money you earn is yours to claim. You don't have to wait until you accumulate a large amount in your account to make a withdrawal. If you just want to withdraw 3 cents, you can.

  • Withdrawals are fast and easy. You can use Qiwi, Yandex, WebMoney, Payeer, or AdvCash. It only takes one minute for your withdrawal requests to process.

  • There are passive and active opportunities to earn. It is up to you how much time and effort you put into making income with

  • There is no minimum user age requirement. Anyone can install the extension and start earning money.

  • You can still use ad-blocking software. The only ads you need to view to make money with this extension are those the extension overlays on sites. You can keep your ad blocker of choice running and blocking all other ads.

  • You can switch on or off anytime. You have full control over the browser extension and its notifications.

  • The extension rewards loyal users. As you complete tasks using, your rating on the site will increase. Once your rating reaches 100, you will be able to earn twice as much for each of the tasks you complete. From that point on, you can pull in income significantly faster.

  • There is nothing to lose. You are already browsing the web, so why not make some money while doing it? You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Cons of

  • You need to complete a lot of tasks. The only significant drawback of using is that it requires patience and dedication if you want to make substantial money online. But it can easily compete with most survey sites and other similar programs and platforms.

How to Start Using

Getting started on is fast and easy. In fact, you can get up and running in just a few simple steps.

1. On the website, click on the blue button which says "Start Making Money."

2. Choose a username, put in your email address, and set up a password. Agree to the terms of service by checking the box, and click on "Create Account."

3. Sign in, and install the browser extension when prompted.

4. On the website, select the types of tasks you would like to perform.

5. Watch for PUSH notifications in your browser for available tasks.

6. If you are viewing advertising banners as your task, simply browse the web as usual, and you can start earning. If you would like to perform other types of tasks, complete them as they become available.

7. Once you have accumulated $0.03, you can schedule a withdrawal at any time.

8. Enjoy your money!

Start Earning Money Online Now

Now you know all about, the innovative browser extension that helps you earn money online.

Whatever types of tasks you choose, makes it easy to increase your income.

Ready to get started? You are just a few clicks away from making money as you browse the web. Click below to begin!

Scroll back to the top, click the banner and start earning today!

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