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Profiting With Cryptocurrency

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Cryptocurrency bitcoin
Profiting with cryptocurrency

The cumulative market capitalization of cryptocurrencies was 237.1 billion U.S. dollars - up from the 2018 value of 128.78 billion. Do you know what Bitcoin's market capitalization is, a popular cryptocurrency, right now as I speak?

Three hundred and fifty billion dollars...

Do you know how much it grew from September 2020 to December 2020? Take a guess. Roughly 100 Billion dollars - considering all the highs and lows. Markets caps are great and all. The real question is:

What's in it for you?

With modern and ever-changing technology, plus more companies investing their resources into users via referral and affiliate programs, it is the perfect opportunity to tap into this market. The potential to earn is tremendous.

The scale and pace of this industry only seem to be trending upwards from here on. As crypto and related technologies become increasingly part of the mainstream - with many sites popping up which use and reward people with crypto - it’s a lucrative way to grow your wealth in innovative ways.

Some sites pay people to do small and straightforward tasks. Other sites, like Honeygain, which pay in bitcoin, are entirely passive once set up. 100% passive, just leave it running in the background. Below, I will go further into detail in regards to this.

Why you should choose your resources wisely

With cryptocurrency, knowing where NOT to look is as important as knowing where to look. You don’t want to waste time and risk your money with useless information that isn’t applicable anywhere. You want to use reliable resources and tested tools with a proven track record. I want my site visitors and subscribers to be very careful when getting into bitcoin or any crypto. There are always immoral people that are out to scam you. This is not limited to crypto, but it’s always best to stick with the established sites with a proven track record.

To help you navigate this exciting new area while staying safe, I will explain what cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is all about and how you can make some serious money using them - in easily accessible terms along with practical steps you can apply right now to start your crypto journey. I’ll share my own methods and experiences so that you have a crystal clear idea of everything.

Let’s start with some quick definitions.

Cryptocurrency: A cryptocurrency is a digital medium of exchange, such as the US dollar, but digital. It uses encryption techniques to control the creation of monetary units and verify the transfer of funds.

Blockchain: A blockchain is a decentralized ledger of all transactions across a peer-to-peer network. Making use of this technology, users can perform and confirm transactions without a need for a central clearing authority.

Bitcoin: A popular cryptocurrency. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to successfully record transactions on a secure, decentralized blockchain-based network.

After the creation of bitcoin, the number of cryptocurrencies available over the Internet is currently growing more than ever. Ethereum is another cryptocurrency that has rapidly gained popularity.

Bitcoin Wallets and Exchanges: You need a cryptocurrency wallet to safely store and spend your crypto assets. There are also crypto exchanges where you can buy and sell cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Faucets: These are websites or applications that reward their users in cryptocurrency upon successfully completing certain (often simple) tasks.

What are some top sites to make money with cryptocurrency?


Coinbase is a digital currency exchange that makes it super easy to buy and sell cryptocurrency. It has a straightforward sign-up and verification process, and its UI is fantastic. There are helpful guides on getting started quickly, along with a list of in-depth resources to further quench your thirst for crypto knowledge. In fact, you can earn some crypto while you’re learning about crypto, as the site claims.

Coinbase crypto wallet
Coinbase cryptocurrencies

Also, it’s highly recommended to keep your cryptocurrency in a secure wallet like Coinbase wallet. Some of the reasons which make Coinbase highly secure and trustworthy:

The best security practices in the industry: Two-factor authentication. The website runs over encrypted SSL. Wallets (and private keys) are stored using AES-256 encryption. They also have a bug bounty program through which security experts worldwide continuously improve their customers' safety.

Highly secure offline storage: 98% of customer cryptocurrency is stored offline, isolated from cyber risks. Drives and paper backups are distributed geographically in safe deposit boxes and vaults around the world.

Protection for online crypto: What happens to its users' cryptocurrency if Coinbase suffers a physical or cybersecurity breach? Suppose Coinbase were to suffer a breach of its online storage. In that case, they have a policy to pay out to cover any customer funds lost. So even in case of a full-blown cyberattack, they have taken care of their customers’ assets. Note the policy does not cover compromise of individual Coinbase account due to weak password or password leak on your end. Kindly read their complete policy here.

You can also earn through their referral and affiliate programs.

The process is relatively simple:

  1. Go to their affiliate sign up page. Click 'Become an affiliate.'

  2. After you fill a simple form, your application is processed for approval.

  3. Upon being approved, you gain access to their tracking tools.

  4. When you share your Coinbase link, you will earn a pretty sweet commission each time a new user signs up using your link.

For instance, if you sign up using my affiliate link, I’ll be rewarded by Coinbase for introducing you to the platform.

It’s a win-win situation for everybody - you get a commission, and your friends get exposure to an entirely new way of increasing your wealth.

You can also share your affiliate links on your blogs or in any social media groups you visit frequently. An important thing to keep in mind is that you should share your affiliate links without spamming. For example, never spam your link on Facebook by blasting out affiliate links repeatedly in every group - Facebook’s algorithm will block you.

Imagine a freelancing site, but you get paid in cryptocurrency for doing micro-jobs. On CryptoPerHour, you can also post jobs as an employer and crowdsource your task to 1000s of workers all around the work.

Cryptoperhour earn bitcoin
Cryptoperhour work from hom jobs

Top features:

  1. Super simple to use.

  2. Simple tasks that take very little time.

  3. Huge potential after you establish yourself as a top-rated seller.

  4. Access to a worldwide talent pool for employers.

  5. Low entry barrier and good payouts.

The site is still gaining popularity, so competition is not that stiff between workers. You can quickly establish yourself in a niche market. As an additional bonus, they also have an affiliate program that can boost your passive income portfolio.


Cointiply is one of the highest paying Bitcoin Faucet and rewards sites. You get paid in cryptocurrency for performing simple tasks, like taking online surveys or watching videos.

Cointiply earn bitcoin
Cointiply earn bitcoin

It has an excellent rating with 4.8 stars on Trustpilot - over 1,736 reviews. It’s total user counts stand at 1.2 million right now, and over 100 million Faucet claims have been made on the site to date.

Top features that make Cointiply the best free site to earn Bitcoin Cryptocurrency (BTC):

  1. Easy to use.

  2. Great for beginners as well as experienced BTC experts - multiple income opportunities.

  3. Fast withdrawal and payouts.

  4. Highly usable and optimized mobile application.

  5. Cool perks like the ability to multiply your coins 61x.

  6. Excellent support.

They also have a loyalty bonus, which can be increased to 100% by logging daily. You earn rewards for the tasks you do, which can be cashed in for real prizes. Moreover, you earn 5% interest on your Coin balance after reaching 35,000 coins.

A vibrant community of millions of users keeps things interesting. You can chat and share your progress with other Cointiply users. Or, you could boost your rewards by playing their fantastic multiplier sci-fi game. Cool, right? You also earn through referrals - 25% of all your referrals claims and 10% of their offer earnings.


Bitcoin’s the cryptocurrency that started it all - so they have many good things going for them. Bitcoin caters to the needs of everyone: individuals, businesses, and developers. With their decentralized currency, users can do all sorts of things!

Bitcoin cryptocurrency
Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

  1. Earn your Bitcoin through mining or via online sites.

  2. Store it in a secure wallet.

  3. Spend it online, save it, or trade it locally - the possibilities are endless.

You can transact at a considerable number of places that support Bitcoin. Bitcoin transactions cost less than a cent to send, and you can also add personal notes to your transactions. Moreover, you can glance at your portfolio quickly, anytime, and anywhere using their mobile app.

As of now, over 14 million people are using their wallet service for its:

  • Speed - “The Fastest Bitcoin Wallet Ever Created”.

  • Ease of use and smooth interface.

  • Ease of buying, storing, and swapping cryptocurrencies.

All this for free!


Do you have lightning-speed internet at home? How often do you use it to its full bandwidth? For most people - the answer is not that often. Just consider the time you spend away from your home (and your internet) - driving, out shopping, or hanging out.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could make money with your unused internet? It’s there, and you’re paying for it. With Honeygain, you can monetize your idle internet bandwidth.

Honeygain app passive income effortlessly
Honeygain app passive-income effortlessly

Their tag line explains it best: “Passive Income - Effortlessly.” In fact, it does not get any more passive than this. Your internet makes money for you. Furthermore, you earn an installation bonus, referral bonuses, and coupons.

Okay, okay. All that sounds too good to be true. You’re probably asking yourself, “What about my privacy? How will my internet be used? How much will I make?

Let’s take it each question, one by one.

What about my privacy?

  • The app never gets access to your device storage.

  • Your connections are encrypted.

  • Only trusted and high reputation companies are allowed to use your internet.

How will my internet be used?

Reputed brands will use your internet for business intelligence, detecting counterfeits of their products worldwide, ad verification (ads showing where they were intended to be shown), and app testing (verifying that the users from different regions get to see the app in a language they want). The companies get an unbiased, uncensored, and unobstructed view (no Geo-blocking) of the internet. They can derive better insights to help their customers.

For end-users, an internet without geography barriers means more competitive prices, fewer counterfeit products that fit the users’ needs better - across regions.

How much will I make?

Honeygain is an excellent website to earn cash on the side with absolutely zero effort. You’re also making a difference by helping businesses see the internet as it's seen by real people - without restrictions, as their site also mentions.

Honeygain is not a service centered around Bitcoin. However, it’s still an innovative way to earn some extra bucks, so I am including it in the list. Besides, you can get paid in Bitcoin, as well as PayPal. If you have a fast and unlimited data connection, it’s an excellent way to earn some passive income.

Start profiting with cryptocurrency
Start profiting with cryptocurrency

End Thoughts

The world of Crypto is fascinating and full of possibilities. That said, it’s not without risks. However, as with any other traditional investment, careful selection of resources and diversification of your portfolio can go a long way in mitigating risk and maximizing rewards that can be huge in this sector.

By now, I hope you have gotten better clarity of what cryptocurrency is all about and how you can earn good money from it. The websites listed should serve as good starting points to start your crypto journey, and I wish you the very best.

To begin your journey:

Click here to sign up on Honeygain.

Click here to sign up to Coinbase.

Click here to sign up to CryptoPerHour.

Click here to sign up to Cointiply.

Click here to sign up to crypto tab browser

Click here to sign up to wombat I am using Wombat to play my favorite blockchain games. Join me and get a handful of free transactions by entering the code "JT4J7A" after signing up here

Click here to sign up to freebitco

Click here to sign up to btcbux

Click here to sign up to coinpayu

Click here to sign up to moremoney

Click here to sign up to beermoneyforum

Click here to sign up to btcclicks

Click here to sign up to faucetcrypto


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