Let PaidViewpoint Compile Your Consumer Traits to Provide Insights for Business

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

PaidViewpoint is in the consumer insights business and links its members to advertisers. As such, it is a market research survey site which is refreshingly simple in its approach in making every survey count.  

As such, you are never screened out by PaidViewpoint. Once invited into a survey, it pays for every market research survey you complete. 

This takes the frustration out of the "survey answering experience" and PaidViewpoint therefore comes highly recommended.

By completing surveys, your "trait score" is built up by PaidViewpoint to provide insights on consumers for its business customers.  Users are encouraged to remain engaged in the process long term. 

Your goal is to achieve a TraitScore of 9,000 or better, to place you in the top 10% of PaidViewpoint members. Achieve this score and your earnings increase for each answer.

This is another refreshingly simple model and I highly recommend you sign up now using my link...

==> https://paidviewpoint.com/?r=Alex51

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