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Updated: Feb 28

In my earlier blog posts, I provided overall summaries of my top 5 recommendations on "G

et Paid To"websites on the Internet. I hope you enjoyed the sites and found the selection varied, despite the dominance of paid survey sites in the GPT niche. What follows this post is a selection of further websites considered to be amongst the best legitimate Paying Sites.

A Get Paid To (GPT) website is a platform that connects its customers (advertisers and market research companies) to its members to get tasks done and solicit views on a range of topics affecting the customers' products and services.

Legitimate platforms are free for members to register. You can also get started quickly with simple eligibility and administration requirements. Once signed up, you can perform specific tasks such as surveys, watching videos and playing games.

The range of activities of GPT paying sites is variable, however, and many have been around since the early days of the Internet. Many also provide multiple revenue stream offers without having to hop from one GPT site to another.

We present a good range of legitimate sites on our website. As locations vary and personal preferences differ, it’s difficult to narrow the range down. However, as these are amongst the best GPT websites available, I suggest you try all to find out which suits you best. Then you can focus on the ones you like, master what they have to offer, and watch your earnings grow.

All the work we do here on Silverfox Make Money Online is complemented by videos which we post on YouTube. Please be sure to visit our channel, Silverfox Make Money Online on YouTube, watch the videos and add comments.

​Finally, many GPT websites are available on mobile apps for smartphones and similar devices, so you can now earn money online whenever and wherever you want.

Alex Stewart

Silverfox Make Money Online

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